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Minecraft racing game datapack

Updated 8 months ago

fork of unix-signals

Updated 10 months ago

fork of ansi with fixes...

Updated 10 months ago

TUI forum client in racket for

Updated 10 months ago

fork of raart with fixes

Updated 10 months ago

fork of lux with fixes

Updated 10 months ago

A rewrite of my website using Eleventy

Updated 4 months ago

the result of me trying to learn purrscript and making a first project!

Updated 10 months ago

solutions to

Updated 11 months ago

Swap out an ELF executable's main function with another function from its symbol table, without touching its code at all.

Updated 2 months ago

Collection of ELF and GOLD linker notes from AIRS' blog, for easier searching


Updated 12 months ago

Generate a DSO at runtime and load symbols from it using dlsym(), without creating an actual ELF or touching the filesystem

Updated 7 months ago

single-file things that don't require a separate repo

Updated 6 months ago

Advent of code solutions from the me

Updated 1 year ago

A shitpost program that adds fake stories to ls

Updated 1 year ago

A discord bot that uses markov chains to generate wacky messages

Updated 1 year ago

Port of witches town theme for trilium notes

Updated 3 months ago


Updated 1 year ago