This is a virtual machine that I originally designed and implemented (plus tooling) for a CTF problem

Updated 4 months ago

ignore beacon frames like an absolute hecker

Updated 2 years ago

A minecraft fabric mod that adds asbestos things

Updated 1 month ago

time for crab

Updated 2 years ago

project 3 except crab

Updated 2 years ago

Updated 2 years ago

Adding Bus Pirate/..-style debugging & probing features to regular MCU boards such as the Raspberry Pi Pico

Updated 3 weeks ago

Updated 3 months ago

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Plume, haskal edition

Updated 2 years ago

purple theme for gitea

Updated 4 months ago

Collection of ELF and GOLD linker notes from AIRS' blog, for easier searching


Updated 10 months ago

Advent of Code 2019 spoilers

Updated 2 years ago

Advent of code solutions from the me

Updated 11 months ago

convert asciinema recordings into beautiful renderings of your terminal in a PDF. even uses the same colors as you have configured (* GNOME terminal required)

Updated 6 months ago

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Asciiflow2, sans google and tracking, available at

Updated 2 years ago

it awoo

Updated 1 year ago

rewriting it because whatever

Updated 2 years ago

it makes a loud noise

Updated 4 months ago