keyboard firmware except crab

Updated 7 months ago

kaitai struct implementation in Racket

Updated 1 hour ago

extremely retargetable esolang compiler

Updated 2 months ago

a slightly strange protocol now ported to racket

Updated 1 month ago

the BLÅHAJ wiki of secret technology

Updated 4 weeks ago

idk this is a project where i try to learn rust while trying to make a protocol on which a protocol for a simple chat

Updated 1 week ago

ella / webgen
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a basic website generator written in elixir

Updated 5 days ago

it awoo

Updated 3 weeks ago

Duo Command Line App

Updated 11 months ago

BLAHAJ / has-writeup
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BLAHAJ Hack-a-Sat 2020 Writeups

Updated 2 months ago

Updated 2 months ago

Code for doing flag-sharer

Updated 2 months ago

haskal / chomp
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idk honestly

Updated 2 weeks ago

it's writeups

Updated 3 weeks ago

rewriting it because whatever

Updated 6 months ago

ignore beacon frames like an absolute hecker

Updated 7 months ago

time for crab

Updated 7 months ago

Virtual Layer 2 Overlay Network

Updated 7 months ago

Updated 8 months ago

Reverse-engineering efforts to generate license keys for Raspberry Pi hardware video decoding

Updated 1 year ago