RP2040 + iCE5LP1K devboard

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Updated 4 months ago

fork of iodine with memes

Updated 5 months ago

Updated 2 weeks ago

Family tree of instruction set architectures

Updated 7 months ago

SVD parser and generator, DVF/PER/DSLite/... to SVD converter

Updated 8 months ago

A mod that installs a random "right-click to harvest crops" mod every time you right click on a crop

Updated 9 months ago

gst meet

Updated 5 months ago

Fabric mod adding fancy blocks

Updated 10 months ago

*Note: this is crypto as in 'cryptography' since unfortunately that needs to be clarified these days This repo contains my progress on cryptopals, which is like the overthewire of cryptanalysis

Updated 9 months ago

Dumping the MSP430FR BSL

Updated 10 months ago

A bash script that patches the Tusky colorscheme

Updated 10 months ago

embedded among us buzzer

Updated 11 months ago

Updated 6 days ago

wren script that generates json for minecraft

Updated 12 months ago