Triss sys64738
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MSP430 programming/Spy-Bi-Wire debugging experimental impl on the RP2040

Updated 3 months ago

mspdebug fork containing various WIP patches

Updated 4 months ago

Adding Bus Pirate/..-style debugging & probing features to regular MCU boards such as the Raspberry Pi Pico

Updated 4 months ago

voltage glitching pcb

Updated 5 months ago

Family tree of instruction set architectures

Updated 6 months ago

SVD parser and generator, DVF/PER/DSLite/... to SVD converter

Updated 6 months ago

Dumping the MSP430FR BSL

Updated 8 months ago

Download and upload code and query the status of a Cypress FX3 in USB bootloader mode.

Updated 11 months ago

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PCBs i made

Updated 12 months ago

Swap out an ELF executable's main function with another function from its symbol table, without touching its code at all.

Updated 1 year ago

Reimplementing the FT2232D on a RP2040

Updated 1 year ago

Various CAD stuff I made for 3D printing etc

Updated 1 year ago

OpenOCD cheat sheet

Updated 1 year ago

Fixing someone else's code ( )

Updated 1 year ago