A JavaScript-based injector for Discord themes that doesn't require patching the client
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The Charlotte Public License version 0.1

Copyright 2021, Charlotte Som (the "Author" henceforth).

This license gives everyone permission to examine, modify, and use this software and the associated documentation (the "Inator"), without patent obstacles, while protecting the Author and any contributors (the "Composers") from liability.

Each Composer permits you to examine, modify, utilize, and distribute the Inator where it would otherwise infringe upon that Composer's copyright or any patent claims that they hold.

No contributor may revoke this license, but the Author may choose to release the Inator (including the contributed works of any other Composer) under a different license.

You may not use the Inator to accrue revenue without explicit permission from the Author.

You may not use the Inator to do Malevolence. If you are notified that you have committed a Malevolence instrumented by the Inator, your license is terminated unless you take all practical steps to comply within a reasonable timeframe.

The definition of Malevolence is at the discretion of the Author. It may include, but is not limited to:

  • The promotion of bigotry, including: sexism, transphobia, homophobia, ableism, or the perpetuation of racial oppression.
  • Causing a detriment to public health.
  • Instigating political, economic, or corporeal violence.
  • Entrenching an empire.
  • Where applicable, use of the Inator without the informed consent of a second party who may object to its use.

The Inator is provided without any warranty, "as-is". No Composer is liable for any damages related to the Inator.

In order to receive this license, you must agree to the terms set out in this document. This license, authorial attribution, and copyright notice must be distributed with any copies or large portions of the Inator.