My misc dotfiles (will likely dramatically change at random times, so the git history will likely be unclean, nonexistent, or otherwise bad practices). This is mostly for backup and in case anyone's curious
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# x1phosura's .lynxrc file
# SHOW_CURSOR controls whether or not the cursor is hidden or appears
# over the current link in documents or the current option in popups.
# Showing the cursor is handy if you are a sighted user with a poor
# terminal that can't do bold and reverse video at the same time or
# at all. It also can be useful to blind users, as an alternative
# or supplement to setting LINKS_AND_FIELDS_ARE_NUMBERED or
# The default defined here or in userdefs.h can be changed via the
# 'o'ptions menu and saved in the RC file, and always can be toggled
# via the -show_cursor command line switch.
# UNDERLINE_LINKS controls whether links are underlined by default, or shown
# in bold. Normally this default is set from the configure script.