KMS Emulator in C (currently runs on Linux including Android, FreeBSD, Solaris, Minix, Mac OS, iOS, Windows with or without Cygwin)
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Rouben 65228e5c79
Merge pull request #40 from simonsmh/master
2 years ago
GNUmakefile vlmcsd-1111-2017-06-17-Hotbird64 5 years ago
vlmcs.1 vlmcsd-1105-2016-11-28-Hotbird64 5 years ago
vlmcsd-floppy.7 vlmcsd-1113-2020-03-28-Hotbird64 2 years ago
vlmcsd.7 vlmcsd-svn1065-2016-10-12-Hotbird64 5 years ago
vlmcsd.8 vlmcsd-1113-2020-03-28-Hotbird64 2 years ago
vlmcsd.ini.5 vlmcsd-1112-2019-10-20-Hotbird64 3 years ago
vlmcsdmulti.1 vlmcsd-svn1065-2016-10-12-Hotbird64 5 years ago