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Simple Authentication Mod

License Fabric CI Version Closed Issues Curseforge downloads

Requires Fabric API.


Libraries that the project is using:

This project is licensed under the MIT license.

For mod developers

Changing code

  1. Clone the repository. Then run ./gradlew genSources
  2. Edit the code you want.
  3. To build run the following command:
./gradlew build

Adding the mod to your buildscript (to ensure compatibility)

Add following text to your build.gradle

repositories {
	maven {
		url ''

dependencies {
  // By version tag
  modImplementation 'com.github.samolego:SimpleAuth:${project.simpleauth_version}'
  // Or by branch
  modImplementation 'com.github.samolego:SimpleAuth:${project.simpleauth_branch}-SNAPSHOT'

And this to your

# By tag (version)
# SimpleAuth version (this might not be the latest version)
simpleauth_version = 1.4.8

# Or this (by branch)
# SimpleAuth branches

# master branch (the latest version for stable minecraft release)
simpleauth_branch = master

# snapshot branch (branch for minecraft snapshots)
simpleauth_branch = latest-snapshot