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@ -71,6 +71,26 @@ quite shitty to parse text-based format, making things quite complicated. The
conditionals depend on outside knowledge (eg. exact chip names, Xtensa TRAX
register bases, ...) which I don't have, so those are currently left ignored.
#### Where do I get these files?
CMSIS-SVD files can be obtained from eg.
Many device tree source files can be found in the [Linux kernel source
NEC/Renesas DVF files can be downloaded from the Renesas website (per chip as
"Device File" or "Parameter File"), or in bulk from Renesas toolchain updates
or from messing around with the search tool on the Renesas webiste.
TRACE32 PER files can be obtained from the Lauterbach website by going through
the "Other Updates" section of the TRACE32 downloadables.
ATpack files (which are zip files containing ATDFs) can be downloaded from
TI DSLite files come with a CCStudio installation.
## License
Eh, idk yet.