1805 Commits (dev)

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litetex f6f2724634
Merge pull request #753 from B0pol/dis-likes 4 days ago
bopol 56c8af710e Code refactoring 2 weeks ago
bopol c4eca91be9 Fix YouTube likes + dislikes 2 weeks ago
TobiGr 5028396405 Improve names and formatting 4 weeks ago
dependabot[bot] 1e0c802d8d Bump spotbugs-annotations from 4.4.2 to 4.5.0 3 weeks ago
Tobi 68d7e4e20a
Merge pull request #742 from TeamNewPipe/dependabot/gradle/com.google.code.gson-gson-2.8.9 4 weeks ago
bopol 8e4f9995bf
Merge pull request #745 from TeamNewPipe/update_SC_hardcoded_client_id 4 weeks ago
opusforlife2 cb80a646d9
Update hardcoded SoundCloud client_id 4 weeks ago
litetex 7e7b78f1b3
Merge pull request #743 from B0pol/peertube-shortlinks 4 weeks ago
bopol 396aecef19 Make sure playlists aren't accepted by PeertubeStreamLinkHandlerFactory 4 weeks ago
bopol 38ad1eaac5 [PeerTube] Support /w/ short video links part 2 1 month ago
bopol 026751624f [PeerTube] Support /w/p/ short playlist links 1 month ago
bopol e0b8e142fc [PeerTube] Support /a/ and /c/ short links 1 month ago
bopol 599a91c88c [PeerTube] Support /w/ short video links 1 month ago
dependabot[bot] 198d37090b
Bump gson from 2.8.8 to 2.8.9 1 month ago
litetex 4f60225ddc
Merge pull request #741 from mhmdanas/add-y2ube-link-support 1 month ago
mhmdanas 3e8e2a1532 Add support for y2u.be links 1 month ago
Tobi b425394e7a
Merge pull request #731 from FireMasterK/short-description 2 months ago
Tobi 4e9d9bffd0
Merge pull request #738 from TeamNewPipe/dependabot/gradle/com.github.spotbugs-spotbugs-annotations-4.4.2 2 months ago
dependabot[bot] 1867a381a8
Bump spotbugs-annotations from 4.4.1 to 4.4.2 2 months ago
FireMaskterK 62313962a0 Add default implementation for getShortDescription. 2 months ago
Kavin d1add05bc1 Add requested changes. 2 months ago
Tobi 0b0c39aec2
Merge pull request #734 from TeamNewPipe/dependabot/gradle/org.jsoup-jsoup-1.14.3 2 months ago
TobiGr 8dcb74724a Release NewPipe Extractor 0.21.11 2 months ago
dependabot[bot] 3ca9f51b30
Bump jsoup from 1.14.2 to 1.14.3 2 months ago
TobiGr d8ec3ce370 [SoundCloud] Update client id 2 months ago
FireMasterK 94efe86c71
Extract Video Short Description in YouTube. 2 months ago
Tobi a9d214478d
Merge pull request #703 from FireMasterK/comment-replies 3 months ago
TobiGr ce8cabb9f8 Release NewPipe Exttractor 0.21.10 3 months ago
FireMasterK 6aabdc6d16
Fix for requested changes. 3 months ago
Kavin 0aad09fa22
Update JavaDocs for comment replies continuation. 3 months ago
Tobi a031289a63
Merge pull request #727 from TeamNewPipe/dependabot/gradle/com.github.spotbugs-spotbugs-annotations-4.4.1 3 months ago
dependabot[bot] 82ae322cb8
Bump spotbugs-annotations from 4.4.0 to 4.4.1 3 months ago
Tobi 62b87552f5
Merge pull request #725 from FireMasterK/related-uploader-avatar 3 months ago
FireMasterK feb09e9997
Extract Channel Avatar in related videos. 3 months ago
Tobi f0aa46b008
Merge pull request #724 from FireMasterK/streams-uploader-verified 3 months ago
Tobi c8037f5e00
Merge pull request #723 from FireMasterK/uploader-avatar 3 months ago
FireMasterK 857b2f39e8
Extract uploaderVerified to StreamInfo. 3 months ago
FireMasterK 1db463b55f
Add a default test for the Uploader's Avatar. 3 months ago
Kavin db6b3b2c29
Extract uploader's avatar in peertube. 3 months ago
FireMasterK a0c1dcc8d8
Remove throws parsing exception. 3 months ago
FireMasterK 0ba03c552c
Improve based on review/feedback. 3 months ago
FireMasterK b9fad4fcc8
Extract Uploader's Avatar on YouTube. 3 months ago
Stypox 68f1fa994a
Merge pull request #721 from Stypox/yt-csv-import 3 months ago
TobiGr b644f1d67b [SoundCloud] Update client id 3 months ago
Stypox a5e9eeb790
[YouTube] Small improvements to subscription import 3 months ago
Tobi 9570882c73
Merge pull request #712 from magicbrothers/add-eduvid-tubus 3 months ago
Stypox db6c729678
Merge pull request #709 from talanc/dev 3 months ago
talanc 94a29fd63f
[YouTube] csv and zip subscription import (Google Takeout) 4 months ago
dependabot[bot] 816bc7137f Bump gson from 2.8.7 to 2.8.8 3 months ago