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Illustrator CC Installer for Linux

This bash script helps you to install Adobe Illustrator CC on your Linux distro easily. It will download a free version of Illustrator and tries to run it using wine installed on your system

🚀 Features

  • illustrator command
  • desktop entry
  • wine dark mode
  • supports graphic cards like (intel, Nvidia)
  • saves the downloaded files in your cache directory
  • It's free and you will not need any license key
  • works on any Linux distribution

⚠️ Requirements

1- use a 64bit edition of your distro

2-make sure the following packages are already installed on your Linux distro

  • wine
  • md5sum

if they are not already installed you can install them using your package manager for example in arch Linux

sudo pacman -S wine

3- make sure you have enough storage in your /home partition about 2 GiB

400 MiB will be free after installation

also you can install illustrator in diffrent directory

4- make sure you have an internet connection and about 400 Mib traffic to download illustrator

💻 Installation

the installer scripts use a virtual drive of wine and makes a new winprefix for illustrator

first of all, you need to clone the repository with this command:

git clone
cd illustratorCClinux
chmod +x

then you can easily run script to install illustrator cc on your Linux distro

setup screenshot

you can use -d to specify the installation path, and -c for the cache directory. for example:

cd scripts
chmod +x
./ -d /mnt/storage/

or with c flag

./ -d /mnt/myfiles/illustrator -c /mnt/cache

when no options are given, the installer script will use the default path, the uninstaller script and others will detect your custom path so there is no problem, I recommend using the -d option and having the default cache directoy

🍷 wineprefix Configuration

if you need to configure the wineprefix of illustrator you can use script just run the command below

chmod +x

♨️ Uninstall

to uninstall illustrator you can use the uninstaller script with commands below

chmod +x