Advent of code solutions from the me
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20.rkt day 20: okay this is some of the worst code ever.. 2 years ago
21.rkt day 21: implement stable bipartite matching result 2 years ago
22.rkt day 22: some cleanup/optimization 2 years ago
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haskal's advent of code 2020 solutions


third party packages used so far

  • curly-fn and threading: all
  • graph: day 7 +
  • brag: day 19

a guide to this repo

(pregexp #px"([0-9]+).rkt" (list _ day))

these are the solution files for day. some of them have two versions, click on the history button to view both. the first version is the original solution i wrote, and the second version contains some cleanup to make the code nicer. day 1 doesn't have an original version because i didn't commit it. other days may not have a cleaned up version if i didn't think any cleanup needed to be done

the code aims to be as efficient as needed, but prioritizes readability and conciseness. i want to create a good demo of using racket and its available features to solve programming problems quickly and cleanly


the license is GPL 3.0 or later, including solutions and scripts


an empty folder, this is where scripts put input files


this is a collection of functions for interacting with the AoC server to fetch challenges, submit answers, get leaderboards, and track progress (in a local file called .status.rktd)

scripts expect some environment variables to be present

  • AOC_SESSION: a session token for your account. log in, then copy the session cookie
  • AOC_YEAR: the challenge year
  • AOC_LEADERBOARD: your leaderboard ID, used for plot


this is included by the template and goes into every solution by default. it exports a function to report answers to the challenge server, and useful libraries for challenge code to use


counts down to the next challenge then initializes it from a template, downloads the input file, and displays the challenge text in the terminal


a CLI application for viewing challenges. takes 1 argument for day. displays somewhat styled challenge text to the terminal (requires 256color)


downloads the input for day n to inputs/n


creates a new solution file from template and downloads the input for a given day


plots the scores of everyone on a private leaderboard over time, defaults to displaying the plot in a window

(or "scripts/plot.scrbl" "scripts/plot.css")

define a webpage (rendered with scribble) to display the plot generated by scripts/plot. you can render it with scribble --dest <dest> --style plot.css plot.scrbl

the plot for my leaderboard is available at


takes a day, level, and answer and submits it. returns what the server responded


a template (in scribble) defining the solution code for a day. should be templated with the variable day specifying the day