251 Commits (master)

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Agatha Lovelace dd0626b8e9
make default avatar template actually work in discord 2 months ago
Agatha Lovelace eda95f3dfe
fix system user avatar not being registered 2 months ago
Agatha Lovelace 8df4024320
update readme, fix build errors (hopefully) 2 months ago
NikkyAI e561423884 update cursegradle 3 years ago
NikkyAI b12704d507 remove gson dependency, update dependency checks 3 years ago
NikkyAI 43ce9491b9 fix update check for CI builds 3 years ago
NikkyAI e506f14f76 update gitignore 3 years ago
NikkyAI e410515e05 make location logging also debug instead of info 3 years ago
NikkyAI 4392b442da reduce info logging 3 years ago
NikkyAI ecbb95391f accept older forge versions 3 years ago
NikkyAI 05ed3b4a9b do not use the same arguments as nonce and perm level 3 years ago
NikkyAI fe9cb31d72 little bit of debugging help 3 years ago
NikkyAI ef66087044 fix potential library mismatch.. again 3 years ago
NikkyAI 4ce29f0eb6 bumping forgelin, kotlin and libraries version 3 years ago
NikkyAI a0b0e3d24d fix strict json parsing 3 years ago
NikkyAI 04bc439880 make sure debug logging is actually debug 3 years ago
NikkyAI d4802d372f fix idiotic errors in config 3 years ago
NikkyAI a12a9ae74f make json parsing nonstrict 3 years ago
NikkyAI 4d854e5af8 update coroutines 3 years ago
NikkyAI 1bcafb47e1 fix dependency mismatch with Forgelin 3 years ago
NikkyAI 16c66782c6 forgot to shadow kotlinx-serialization-runtime 3 years ago
NikkyAI a2a24c6ed9 bump Fuel version 3 years ago
NikkyAI 2091d59219 fix async mess 3 years ago
NikkyAI f1cc1349ef version bump 3 years ago
NikkyAI 34887a833c update to kotlin 1.3 3 years ago
nikky 3082d3e592 update Jankson 3 years ago
nikky 79c9ac1572 revert dropping 1.7.10, adding 1.9.4 instead of 1.10/1.11 3 years ago
nikky 7818afc920 move api into core 3 years ago
nikky e30e8132ca update 1.12.2 with locations 3 years ago
nikky 6cdd7ade7c drop 1.7.10 support 3 years ago
nikky 910d2fc12b release 1.6.3 3 years ago
nikky ac9066225d improve color stripping 3 years ago
nikky 8115bada4f ignore Jankson in sonarqube 3 years ago
nikky e73255c8fc add sonarqube 3 years ago
nikky a9838339d6 add IllegalArgument checks, because parsing UUID can throw 3 years ago
nikky ad3862f14a fix curse update check 3 years ago
nikky 43d6589572 add update checks to jenkins builds 3 years ago
nikky 619e0541d7 add avatars for players and server user 3 years ago
nikky 75a64e49ad adding version command for simplified debugging of user issues 3 years ago
nikky 58ff1a3d8f cleanup gradle stuff 3 years ago
nikky 93c86463c4 improve logging 3 years ago
nikky 83501c867f fixed crash due to runtime constraints 3 years ago
nikky 4627a60c9d execute bridge commands ingame 3 years ago
nikky 42dcd2c543 paste long output 3 years ago
nikky 13a607fcd1 update README 3 years ago
nikky 0057b3037b add linking chat accounts to uuid 3 years ago
nikky 254c990d76 remove attempts at cleanup 3 years ago
nikky edbac3dfaf clean git mess, loads of jenkins experimentation 3 years ago
nikky c326ca2b48 update jankson 3 years ago
nikky 510123b6f5 buildscript cleanup for 1.10 and 1.11 3 years ago