mspdebug fork adding the MehFET driver (USB device code at )
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MSPDebug is mostly written by Daniel Beer <>. Other
people who have made significant contributions are listed here.
Doug Forman <>:
* Testing and analysis for TI Chronos devices.
* Testing and analysis for FET430UIF firmware version 20404000.
Robert Kavaler <>:
* Author of uif430, from which much of the code in fet.c is
derived (uif430 is available from
Hans Nieuwenhuis <>:
* Support for MSP430F2132.
Peter Jansen <>:
* Support for MSP430F169.
* Testing and analysis for Olimex MSP430-JTAG-TINY.
* libusb driver for Olimex MSP430-JTAG-TINY.
Aurélien Gauducheau <>, Bondois Nicolas.
Laboratoire Domus: Recherche en domotique et en informatique mobile
( Under supervision of
Bessam Abdulrazak (
* Testing and analysis for MSP430F5529.
Andres Vahter <>:
* Support for MSP430F2234.
Robert Spanton <>:
* Support for FET430UIF bootloader programming.
* GDB protocol improvements.
Stephen Kench <>
* Support for MSP430F47197.
Sören Höckner <>:
* Testing and debugging of flash memory word-alignment bug.
Andrew Armenia <>:
* flash-bsl driver.
James Laird <>:
* Support for CC430F5133.
Stefan Mahr <>:
* Initial support, testing and analysis for Olimex
Jasper Lievisse Adriaanse <>:
* Ported to OpenBSD.
Ionut Nicu <>:
* Support for MSP430F47173 and MSP430F5526.
* --force-reset option.
Paul Fleischer <>:
* Support for MSP430G2553.
Kurt Snieckus <>:
* Testing and analysis for MSP430FR5739.
James Nuss <>:
* Support for MSP430F5418.
Tamas Tevesz <>:
* Improvements to interactive interface.
* Support for MSP430AFE253.
Ingo van Lil <>:
* Support for demangling of C++ function names.
* load_raw, verify_raw and save_raw commands.
Stanimir Bonev <>:
* Olimex chip database.
* Improved identification/configuration system for Olimex
Peter Bägel <>:
* JTAG interface library and parallel-port JTAG driver.
Jose Angel Caso Sanchez <>:
* FET v2 database from MSP430.DLL.
Paolo Zebelloni <>:
* Testing, debugging and research for the ROM BSL driver.
* BSL entry via GPIOs.
Jan Willeke <>:
* GPIO JTAG driver.
Bruce Burns <>
* CPUX support in simulation driver (simx)