My misc dotfiles (will likely dramatically change at random times, so the git history will likely be unclean, nonexistent, or otherwise bad practices). This is mostly for backup and in case anyone's curious
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x1phosura's dotfiles

Just a collection of some of my configs and such for personal use. Some of them are minimally/unchanged, but others are very customized. Some files are very much inspired by others, some are purely my own. Since this is intended more as a "holding place" or backup for my configs, software development/version control best practices may not apply (translation: git history and commit messages will be bad).

I will probably add more to this description at a later date, but for now feel free to peruse if reading my dotfiles seems like your idea of a fun time.

Previously my dotfiles were managed horribly through an awful bash script manually copying files. I've decided creating symlinks is less awful, and I feel comfortable with this solution for now.

Note: dotfile symlink script should now actually be idempotent (YAY!)