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  • not in a cutie's arms
  • another gay catgirl whomst does things sometimes and should publish them more

    matrix: @e:lu.gl

    fedi: @ella@transmom.love

    email: not sure if i want that here, sorry

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Fabric mod adding fancy blocks

Updated 4 months ago

Java 0 0

Minecraft fabric mod centered around tech with random stuff

Updated 6 months ago

Elixir 0 0

a basic website generator written in elixir

Updated 6 months ago

wren script that generates json for minecraft

Updated 6 months ago

A Fabric Minecraft mod with some random stuff

Updated 10 months ago

mcfunction 0 0

Minecraft racing game datapack

Updated 1 year ago

Rust 0 0

idk this is a project where i try to learn rust while trying to make a protocol on which a protocol for a simple chat

Updated 2 years ago