wren script that generates json for minecraft
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this project might not be actively maintained

but i may change my mind and contributions are welcome


  • i made this script for own use and thus it is not complete, but additions are very welcome!
  • the code is messy and too copy-pastey. i might change this, or if i don't, do it before i do and share the change with me!

how to use

install wren-cli from here

run wren-cli generator.wren help to print this:

Usage: (script call) [options] <type> <base path> namespace <types...>
Example: wren_cli generate.wren wood /path/to/mod_files_base/ namespace firstwood secondwood

  -v --verbose  Print the written files
  -w --warn     Print warnings when files or directories don't exist

- wood         The vanilla wood family as well as platform and tile variants
- woodvanilla  Hardcoded to generate extensions for the vanilla wood types
- variants     Block, stairs, slab and platform
- stone        Like variants but with wall and stonecutting as well as adding an s to the full block
- single       A single block

happy generating and/or modding!