a basic website generator written in elixir https://ella.wantscuddl.es
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hi this is a very simple program for merging a text file into a webpage

it was only made for my webbed sight at https://ella.wantscuddl.es/

if you for whatever reason want to use this for your own pages

  • first edit mix.exs line 16 to use your desired path
  • then create a file called "gen-conf" in that directory (use the example-gen-conf file included as an example). the first line is the "base website" that is going to be used. on following lines, write the relative path to files you want to merge into webpages
  • now you can, in the same directory, create files with the website content
  • when running the program (open a shell, cd to here and type mix run) it should save the files as $file.html

help what are the $ things??

  • $title - the title, which is the first line of content files
  • $first - the first line of the page, with tags stripped away
  • $file - the relative path without index/ as the first characters
  • $content - the page body refer to example-gen-conf for an example

if something here does not make sense, you can ask me for help, preferably at https://hellsite.site/@ella