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  haskal 2d38d30784 Add hidpi support 1 year ago
  haskal ae129f717c Update readme 1 year ago
  haskal a68b25675c Create makefile to organize workflow 1 year ago
  haskal acdb698a70 Remove nasties 1 year ago
  George Pantazes d9519ae61f Add Button Titles to File Tools Buttons (#100) 1 year ago
  Nobuto Murata 4a16b95d25 Update index.js to make it work with recent Electron (#119) 1 year ago
  Josh Junon b1df7122eb update compiled js code from pages 1 year ago
  Naruki Azuma 3266c06145 Fix bugs (#106) 1 year ago
  Qix 63fcba36d5
Merge pull request #117 from nobuto-m/https 1 year ago
  Qix 989ea85a56
Merge pull request #68 from mbigras/mbigras-add-osx-panning-description 1 year ago
  Qix 3d842f46e9
Merge pull request #110 from jcornaz/fix/arrow-direction 1 year ago
  Nobuto Murata 81fc6e9e50 Explicitly use HTTPS to load third-party links 2 years ago
  Jonathan Cornaz a5548be7b6 Fix wrong connecting arrows 2 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 3b10494707 Actually fix broken import 2 years ago
  Lewis Hemens c50eaf5daa Fix compile issues for missing/brokebn imports 2 years ago
  Brian Schlenker 8277399c61 Fix bad merge (#79) 3 years ago
  cave 4097ee2322 added License GPLv3 (#92) 3 years ago
  Aleksandr Levchuk f9e489c737 Stop coverting v's into ^'s (Closes #55) (#72) 3 years ago
  Charlie Wolf a5c725853f add very simple electron app wrapper (#75) 3 years ago
  Brian Schlenker 141b8eff92 Updated project to use es6 classes, arrow functions, latest closure-compiler, latest jquery (#77) 3 years ago
  mbigras d44e969071 🍎 Add panning description for OSX 4 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 8a50b5ab58 Merge pull request #32 from ridiculum/master 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 71758095b0 Merge pull request #38 from jonathancross/patch-1 5 years ago
  Jonathan Cross 167a00560b Link to new "asciiflow2" issues page in new tab. 5 years ago
  ridiculum bb1b877af8 fix Python module name in README 5 years ago
  ridiculum e80810b683 improve text export 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens b2dc3a5c16 Updated readme 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 7a420f0c97 Minor text rendering issue fixes 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 0c3601306c Deleted apk 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 4b1736ccf6 Deleted app 5 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 0be2009186 Add to home screen button 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens bb29cdc17f Partial fix of V issue 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 8131f1262d Fixed no commit when opening saved doc 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens c188da9df9 Tweaked rendering logic for lines next to each other 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens b63c778cc3 Partial support for resizing around arrows 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 3d5336b262 Changed default dash char to pure ascii 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens b9b036d1b6 Arrow tool, currently doesn't support re-sizing, also changed default dash to not be the em dash 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens e2aa7e7456 Added copy paste and cut functionality to select tool 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens b4d5b00482 Fix it's spelling 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 200257d907 Working version of select tool 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens bfbc37fb88 Temporary version of a select tool image 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 28085feed3 Added meta description 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 77a1740d90 Removed analytics interference 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 854c43cf7a Added original site link 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 5ce286d343 Added issues link 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 2ced90c4a8 Moved new drawing button, updated drive link text 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens fcc1f84ef2 Added credits 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 8e47da19a4 Import submit button closes dialog 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 853b57e57c Increased drag latency thresholds 6 years ago
  Lewis Hemens 07dc0185fc Added analytics tracking code 6 years ago