experiments in optimal adaptive timing side channel attacks https://awoo.systems
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clocktower is a python package implementing efficient strategies for executing adaptive timing side channel attacks. the goal is to use statistics to guide public input guesses in order to reveal the secret with a given level of statistical significance in a minimum number of rounds. the current strategy already significantly outperforms the naive non-adaptive strategy, and thus can be used as a framework for mounting attacks


currently the model is that a correct guess will result in a longer time taken to execute, and all incorrect guesses will take the same (lower) time to execute
more abstraction is planned for different target models

import clocktower

# default input space: 0-255
# default significance level: 0.01
mgr = clocktower.ClocktowerManager()

# when next_guess() returns None, the algoritm has a statistically significant answer
while (guess := mgr.next_guess()) is not None:
    # execute the guess and get the result
    timing_value = run_attack(guess)
    mgr.update(guess, timing_value)