285 Commits (architectury)

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charlotte ✨ 1bd2df8a02 Bonk! We don't want to shade Guava since Minecraft already has it 1 month ago
charlotte ✨ 7a38c1f9e7 Include shadow tasks in shadow JAR for forge 1 month ago
Agatha Lovelace e83e47b3b1 1.18 fuckery part 1 1 month ago
NikitaCartes 2d798cf9d1
Update to 1.17.1-pre2 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 902afa91b8
Delete pt_br.json root folder 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 5b9fb5768b
Fix forceOfflineUuid 7 months ago
NikitaCartes fdc0a9f0fe
Push version 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 1c15f9ea98
Merge branch 'archi-snapshot' into architectury 7 months ago
NikitaCartes aa21724942
Properly update to 1.17 mapping 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 93704b711d
Push version 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 4aeb8210f8
Merge branch 'temp_branch' into architectury 7 months ago
NikitaCartes ab445ae0c6
It's working on 1.17 version but it use 21w10a mapping 7 months ago
NikitaCartes 52e6740ad1
Update yarn to 1.17 7 months ago
NikitaCartes ee875275e7
Update accesswidener 7 months ago
NikitaCartes d46a5be7c3
Update gradle 7 months ago
samolego 4abe4a79af
Deprecation 9 months ago
Luiz Fernando F. G. Valle 919ef7f574
Add Brazilian Portuguese translation 9 months ago
samolego 91c8963434 Deprecation 9 months ago
samo_lego 4c37054c80
wiki link 10 months ago
samolego bf34eb7bd9 Removing item sync as it was fixed? 11 months ago
samolego 9d1e23586c 20w10a 11 months ago
samolego 240f83549c Merge branch 'architectury' into archi-snapshot 11 months ago
samolego 1fa5016bfc Version bump 11 months ago
samolego 3203fb75e1 Fixes #56 11 months ago
samo_lego d16e46e046 Stat migration changes 11 months ago
samolego 9095056da2 20w08b 11 months ago
samolego 2b582c004e Archi 3.0 migration 11 months ago
samolego 944585ea2f Fixes #54 12 months ago
samo_lego ec796ec8b2 Fixes #50 12 months ago
samolego d9535643fc Fabric works! 12 months ago
samolego 6920315952 MOre fabric changes 1 year ago
samolego 37d4f207e2 Finishing Forge touches 1 year ago
samolego 6c8d80ac20 Forge works! 1 year ago
samolego 6e5257514e Both can start! 1 year ago
samolego ece685bfe4 Minor changes 1 year ago
samolego 95a110be4d build fixed :D 1 year ago
samolego 95dc259c48 Minor updates, still no luck 1 year ago
samolego 069e6869a1 More architect changes 1 year ago
samolego bf77b712e4 Brick laying 1 year ago
samolego 783851c753 Trying to become an architect 1 year ago
samo_lego 1092166973
Version bump 1 year ago
samolego dc9b151b64 Fixes #42 1 year ago
samo_lego 9e01af9e9f
Correcting the mistake regarding #41 thanks to @Meeni-mc 1 year ago
samo_lego 9f68a53d8c
Bump version 1 year ago
samolego 5a6f4f57aa Preventing #41 from happening in the future 1 year ago
samolego a1ce6b578f Implementing "always offline" player list 1 year ago
samo_lego eab9958484
Create FUNDING.yml 1 year ago
samo_lego 5439e9dc2d Version bump 1 year ago
samo_lego fbdb43684f Hopefully fixing #40 1 year ago
samo_lego 1e937b423c Version bump 1 year ago