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856 Commits (jtaglib-cpux)

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Triss cf8b986772 jtaglib: properly handle USB ram (cannot use quick memory access routines here) 6 months ago
Triss c801faeb80 jtaglib: test previous commit on 0x89 device, properly write the wdt password 6 months ago
Triss 2373d33bbb jtaglib: use context save/restore mechanism to keep track of registers etc. 6 months ago
Triss 8ddf3cb68c mehfet, v3hil: more detailed debugging (optional) 6 months ago
Triss 37aacaca2d jtaglib: Xv2 read/write reg now (finally) working, PC gets reset every so often due to other routines 6 months ago
Triss 649d82b695 jtaglib xv2: memory accesses start to work now 6 months ago
Triss 98c434555f jtaglib cpu16: single step issue fixed 6 months ago
Triss aed67748b1 jtaglib: misc fixes 6 months ago
Triss 2170693f2f jtaglib: getting cpuxv2 stuff to work, very slowly... 6 months ago
Triss 9809da335e jtaglib: proper device identification 6 months ago
Triss ddfffa06fb jtagdev, pif, mehfet: refactor device_class ops to be unified under jtagdev instead of using separate implementations 6 months ago
Triss 0a8ebf4a66 jtaglib: read JTAG ID early enough to know which procedures to use for JTAG access 6 months ago
Triss 5f30c8c217 jtaglib: refactor 6 months ago
Triss 924c548c2e ui/cmddb: clarify 'erase' parameters 6 months ago
Triss 39a44095eb ui/devcmd: make sure the 'total size' argument for the 'erase' command makes sense 6 months ago
Triss f1d416944c jtaglib: add 20-bit DR shift function 6 months ago
Triss 985b390ba2 elf32: don't load sections with size zero 9 months ago
Triss 63e2077d5b expr: allow '0X' hex prefix 9 months ago
Triss 9269d22d2b chipinfo db: fix entries 9 months ago
Triss 43f9d7bc54 v3hil: handle new protocol versions 9 months ago
Triss c375f74c51 v3hil: add debug logging 9 months ago
Triss 9484b1cff6 hal_proto, v3hil: add missing command and status IDs 9 months ago
Triss 9d1a2528de hal_proto: handle acknowledgement packets correctly 9 months ago
Daniel Beer 5284713769
Merge pull request #116 from LucasSnatiago/master 11 months ago
Lucas Santiago 6332574323 [feat] Arch commands 11 months ago
Daniel Beer 4858be123c
Merge pull request #114 from sorber/fix-hidapi-bug 12 months ago
Jacob Sorber 7283b49e13 fixed hidapi compile bug, missing vid/pid arguments 12 months ago
Daniel Beer e39ff3c1d9
Merge pull request #112 from chrissphinx/master 1 year ago
chrissphinx f2f763b043 remove statement leftover from debugging 1 year ago
Triss a1a06e7e65 jtaglib: fix register reading on MSP430G2452 and similar chips 1 year ago
Triss 30af3e9483 mehfet: add driver and transport 1 year ago
Triss ab76a0ef3c jtaglib: refactor: allow driver backends to implement higher-level IR/DR-shifts, TMS-sequence, etc. commands instead of requiring a bit-banging interface 1 year ago
Triss c576441fb7 add -V option to specify/override VID and PID of USB device 1 year ago
Hose wie Jacke 4c4d94e43b simio/tracer: fix output format 2 years ago
Daniel Beer 66dd71e62d
Merge pull request #103 from w0xel/hotfix/rodata2-init-array-section 2 years ago
Sebastian Würl 1633ed504a
elf32.c: Extract and flash INIT_ARRAY sections 2 years ago
Daniel Beer 6740d7d98b simx: MSP430X simulator by Bruce Burns <> 2 years ago
Daniel Beer e65bc6910a
Merge pull request #95 from iddq/master 3 years ago
iddq 0c5f33ec42 fix jtag_read_reg and jtag_write_reg functions according to the documentation: SLAU320 MSP430 Programming via JTAG User's Guide 3 years ago
Daniel Beer 493f38bb85
Merge pull request #93 from WeilunFong/master 3 years ago
WeilunFong cbe5fccb9c Add uninstall phony target for Makefile 3 years ago
Daniel Beer 0efcf40f4d
Merge pull request #92 from tgtakaoka/update-chipinfo-mspds- 3 years ago
Tadashi G. Takaoka f8852df217 Update chipinfo.db with MSPDS-OPEN-SOURCE_3.15.0.1 3 years ago
Daniel Beer b506542094
Merge pull request #90 from Mauroq/master 3 years ago
Dennis de Lange 713541525c Added the FR5994 and FR5964 chips (based upon the FR5968) 3 years ago
Dennis de Lange 51ef323568 Included missing devices from fet_db into devicelist. See 2b4b409 3 years ago
Daniel Beer fb29ec1236 gdb: fix parsing of register values. 3 years ago
Daniel Beer eb77903392
Merge pull request #88 from thiloschulz/master 3 years ago
Thilo Schulz 4f21d592f3 Increase limit on number of ELF program / section headers 3 years ago
Daniel Beer 4f6a845fb4 Fix operation size error in instruction decoding. 4 years ago